Boat tours – Sunrise and Sunset: BOAT001


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The mighty 2,525 kms Ganga, worshipped across India for her nourishing and cleansing powers, is perhaps at her beautiful best in the 6.5 kms stretch at Varanasi.

Ride with us to understand the role that the beloved river plays in the lives of people and revel in the stories of the myriad forts, palaces and temples dotting her ghats. Watching the bustling life unfold at the ghats, as we peacefully flow with Ganga’s serene waters, is like a first-hand experience of Moksha (Salvation) ????
Sunrise and Sunset are both amazing times to be on the river, presenting unique shades of the Ganga and different aspects of life on the ghats.

Sunrise is one of the most beautiful spectacles in Varanasi as the sun rises on an empty horizon over the Ganga, colouring the sky with hues of red before rising like a shining orange. It then moves on to reflect in the waters and finally baths down the beautiful ghats – a photographer’s delight! Sunrise is also a good time to observe morning rituals on the river as the whole riverbank turns into one large Sun temple!
Sunset presents a completely different and lighter shade of Ganga as the sun peeks from behind the structures on the ghats. The ghats themselves come alive with cricket matches, kite flying and music sessions as people come to unwind in the gentle evening breeze blowing over the Ganga. The boat ride ends with witnessing the majestic Ganga Aarti (Ceremony) at the Dashashwamedha ghat.

Preferred Timings – Sunrise, Sunset; Duration – 2-3 hrs
Meeting point – Flexible


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